Flight tested at Eglin AFB, where its name was inspired –
even under 9G’s of acceleration, the kneeboard remained securely in place.

The kneeboard is a practical and essential tool for pilots.


Helping them stay organized, prepared, and focused during flight operations.

Reliability under Extreme Conditions: The kneeboard has undergone rigorous flight testing at Eglin AFB, proving its reliability even under extreme conditions. This reliability has been demonstrated through its ability to stay securely in place even during 9Gs of acceleration and emergency ejections.

Safety Enhancements: The kneeboard has undergone testing by NAVAIR, resulting in exclusive approval for use in Naval aircraft. This approval follows the incorporation of numerous safety enhancements derived from the testing process. These critical design modifications may not be present in alternative products, potentially posing a significant risk to pilot safety.

Stability during Flight Operations: The kneeboard’s ability to remain steadfast on the pilot’s knee, even during high-stress situations like emergency ejections or carrier landings, is crucial for maintaining focus and control during flight operations.

Proven Track Record: With over 35,000 units manufactured and supplied to the U.S. Armed Forces and adoption extending to NATO military forces, the kneeboard has a proven track record of performance and reliability in demanding operational environments.

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