9G Plus Kneeboard

The original 9G Plus Kneeboard


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Developed by Hendricks Sewing Company and tested to withstand forces of up to 9 ½ G’s in an F-15 Eagle at Eglin AFB, this kneeboard boasts exceptional durability. It has proven its resilience even during ejections, remaining securely with the pilot on descent. Its compact design is ideal for confined cockpits, crafted from Cordura with an ABS clipboard. Notably, it is the sole kneeboard of its kind approved by NAVAIR for carrier operations.

Featuring checklist ring holders on both spines and an adjustable elastic leg strap equipped with a nylon, anti-FOD side release buckle, this kneeboard prioritizes functionality. Sized comparably to a 5” x 8” mini-legal pad, it includes stabilizers on both sides of the leg for added support. Additionally, it incorporates a clear strap designed to secure approach plates.

Trusted by the military for over two decades, this kneeboard stands as a testament to its reliability and effectiveness in demanding operational environments.

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